Pelican Point Home Plans

We are currently building "spec homes" in Pelican Point, some to completion, and some only to sheetrock stage, which allows the buyer to customize the interiors. Buyers may select their colors, flooring, lighting, appliances and other interior finishes. Changes may also be made to the plans below to customize them to meet a particular family's needs, and we can build them on your homesite or ours. We also have many other plans in our home plan library, which we can build.

And lastly, if none of our plans are perfect for you, we can work with you to design your dream home from concept to completion.

We take pride in helping build lasting relationships. This is the place to meet many new friends as our residents are some of the friendliest people in the world. They have moved here from 41 different states and 7 different countries. A third have moved to The Point from Greater New Orleans, and another third have come from the Greater Baton Rouge area.